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Health-Minded? Ineligible For, Frustrated By, Or Philosophically Opposed To The Affordable Care Act?

Health Excellence Select™ is an exciting option providing freedom from health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.  When you combine experienced and efficient non-profit health cost sharing with an expert wellness, education, cost management and accountability platform, you get the most comprehensive health sharing program available today.

The program provides a solution for you to take control of your healthcare expenses by becoming a free-market patient..  It includes all the tools and assistance you need to make educated health decisions; use the doctor of your choice; obtain services from any facility eligible under the Sharing Guidelines; minimize your financial exposure; and, most importantly, facilitate a healthy lifestyle.

Health Excellence Select changes the way we pay for healthcare:

  • CONNECT with a community of individuals and healthcare providers that have the freedom to help and support each other.   Your doctor is invited to participate as well. 
  • SHARE:  Member driven, not profit driven.  You become a wise and educated healthcare consumer. Your monthly share amount goes to you or another member in need.  The program meets your healthcare needs under the Sharing Guidelines and pays your healthcare costs through sharing contributions by other members.
  • RECEIVE the best tools and information available to maintain or regain you health and obtain medical care through providers, facilities and treatments that best suit your needs.

According to the Mayo Clinic, complementary and alternative medicine (the preferred term is "complementary and integrative health") has never been more popular. Nearly 40% of adults report using these types of treatments, but these usually have not been covered by ACA plans. However, the health sharing portion of Health Excellence Select considers many of these techniques as eligible medical expenses if the provider submits a treatment plan that is approved by the health sharing organization and accepted by the member. 

The list of services and modalities considered for sharing is regularly expanding.  While we recognize this is not yet an ideal solution, the Holistic Chamber of Commerce is encouraged and also impressed that the program focuses on prevention and living a healthy lifestyle. Accordingly, we've partnered with Health Excellence Select to

There's no perfect solution for everyone. It's important to understand that health sharing is NOT insurance and is NOT government regulated--either by the federal government or by state departments of insurance, or state departments of consumer affairs.  It IS recognized as being exempt from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and is NOT subject to the tax penalties you would pay for not enrolling in an ACA plan.

There is no defined enrollment period for the program: individuals can apply any time during the year (i.e. open and special enrollment periods do not apply as they do for ACA plans).

Without compromising the quality of the healthcare services you receive, Health Excellence Select teaches you to become an educated health care consumer and to competitively shop for healthcare services.

How Much Does It Cost? 

After the initial enrollment fee of $160 ($75 per year thereafter), monthly contributions called "monthly share amounts" depend on the plan you need:

Membership Type Annual Unshared Amount Monthly Share Amount
Individual $   500 per membership year $249
Couple $1,000 per membership year $349
Family $1,500 per membership year $499

                                                                    Special Monthly Share Amounts Apply to Under 30, Single Parent Household, Child Only, and Over 65 Members

When you enroll through this site or call 877-734-3884 to enroll (if you call, mention that you are a Holistic Chamber of Commerce member, friend, or fan), you'll receive a $25 reduction in your initial enrollment fee.  (Your initial enrollment fee will be $135 instead of the usual $160, and you'll be receiving the benefit of your relationship with the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.)

Learn More or Enroll Now


We encourage you to learn more about Health Excellence Select and how this might be an attractive option for you.  This website contains an overview of the features of the program and lists resources that you may also want to review before making your decision to enroll.  There is no perfect solution for everyone. Review this website to determine whether Health Excellence Select is right for you..

If you wish to enroll, you can do so by clicking on the Enroll Now button above. Please call us at 877-734-3884 for more information, or to let us prepare and submit your enrollment application for you.



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